Email their High Tech Assessment experience

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Email their High Tech Assessment experience

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T. Servant started this petition to Visually Impaired in Ontario, Canada

Attention CNIV/ADP High Tech Vision consumers in Ontario, Canada – those who were Assessed for a ADP/CNIB computer system within the last 10 years. 

We are conducting a survey of the experience of Visually Impaired individuals who accessed this government program.  Details of this program are found at

Information requested is details of:

1) who you saw;

2) where you were Assessed;

3) when you were Assessed;

4) what was your experience of the Assessment;

5) Any comments of your Assessment time;

6) Permission to forward your comments to the Ontario Deputy Minister and Auditor General’s office and Ombudsman’s Office. 

7) Unfortunately your name and how to contact you (email or phone) is required. 

8) Email your comments to  

Here is a real sample of an individual’s letter of his experience:

My name is Geof C., I am a Client of the ADP and have been asked to give my opinion of my last visit almost 5 years ago

While I dont remember all of the details I did go to the Scarborough Low Vision Clinic for my assessment.

I have been of the opinion that it is a bit of a farce because I have to get checked out by the Ophthalmologist before I go in for my assessment, my eyesight is only getting worse and there is no need for this checkup, I have my own Doctor and dont need to be seen by another.

I'm also wondering why it takes so long to get through the assessment part of it, I know what I want and need but have to sit through it anyway.

What struck me as being strange this time was that the assessor recommended a friend of his where I should get my equipment, I dont believe it is his place to do so, he should not be in a position where he can influence a persons decision on where to purchase what they need, especially if they are not aware as I am that I have choices.



Geof C.

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