Curbside Recycling for Brownsville

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We will strive to serve solutions to:

  • There is currently no curbside recycling service provided in Brownsville and over 50% of residents are more than 2 miles away from a drop-off location.
  • Lack of a comprehensive environmental data collection, monitoring, and distribution system.
  • Underutilized and environmentally mismanaged Resaca Systems.
  • Low Satisfaction with Existing Recycling Program and Low Recycling Rates.
  • Of  225+ citizens of Brownsville that were surveyed, over 60% responded that they were either “Unsatisfied” or “Very Unsatisfied” with the current recycling program.
  • The current recycling rate in Brownsville is estimated to be
    less than 1% of the City’s total solid waste.
  • Higher than National Average Waste Production Rates.
  • Brownsville currently has higher than average waste production rates.
  • Littered Public Thoroughfares and Poor City Image. / Half of the Brownsville residents surveyed have a "poor" or "very poor" City
  • Brownsville is also blemished by illegal dumpsites.

*Provided by The City of Brownsville :