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Please sign this petition to STOP the building of a mobile phone base tower on the corner of Stoney Creek Road and St Elmos Parade, Kingsgrove.

The base will be built in our quiet residential neighbourhood, close to schools and parks.The installation of the base poses health risks.

According to the correspondence sent to local residents dated 4th September 2019 from Visionstream on belhalf of Telstra, the maxium EMR (electromagnetic radiation) will fall directly on Arkana College Primary School. Our school has over 180 students from 4-13 years of age. These students will have to walk past this base twice a day to and from school. Their class rooms will be directly affected by the EMR every day of their young school lives, which is a major health concern.

This is the closest school to the proposed tower, however there are two other schools in the vicinity of this proposed base.

EMR - or as they word it EME  (often referred to by officials as 'electromagnetic energy' in order to avoid the term 'radiation') which some scientists have implicated in increased incidence of cancer. (1)

As stated on the ARPANSA website, the industry Code requires the mobile network companies to take account of community concern about locations of particular interest such as places where children spend a lot of time, or multistorey residential buildings facing the antennas. (2)

We strongly oppose the installation of the tower for the following reasons:

  1. Potential health risk for children:  Children are particularly vulnerable to EMR. Studies have shown that even at low levels of this radiation, there is evidence of damage to cell tissue and DNA, and it has been linked to brain tumors, cancer, depression and suppressed immune function. The impact of accumulated incidential exposures to EMR on individual health should be considered alongside the proposed increase of EMR as a result of the proposed base.  The evidence shows that young children tend to be more sensitive to environmental exposures. 
  2. Potential health risk for the wider community: As noted above, the EMR will effect the surrounding homes in the vicinity of the base. The potential health risk for the community is concerning for the same reasons as above.

Therefore we strongly urge that this proposed plan be suspended and reviewed with an option to locate the proposed site further away from school based areas.

Thank you for your support.

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(1) Rod Panter
Science, Technology, Environment and Resources Group


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