Permanent solution for drainage system

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This problem is not about just one family, it is the problem faced by people staying in the Kalina Kolovery village area.

  • We have been staying in this area for more than 25 years.
  • We never faced floods like situation in our homes, except in case of 26th July when whole Mumbai came to standstill.
  • This problem has started since last year when the local municipal personal came to repair the drainage system, since then the situation is in pure mess.
  • Prior to repair the water used to flow away easily without any hindrance but now the situation is opposite after the repair work.
  • Last year water had entered our homes and all the furniture were destroyed.
  • Now this year only the first rain water logging happened and the water was just knocking at door to enter.
  • There are many family having senior citizen and small kids who scared as to what will happen in future when it is just a beginning.
  • If we want to go to office or go out our daily course of activity, we have to pass through this drainage water.
  • Small kids and senior citizen have to remain indoor therefore they can not go out to play and walk respectively.
  • Request you all to support before we loose everything.