Excellence Award For 91+% Students

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This is regarding academic awards which are being awarded only to the students who scored 95+ marks in Boards 2018. We understand that this is a merit award but by raising bar to very high (95+) has left many students in depression and is another step to create extreme pressure on the student to perform beyond unrealistic figures.  Other schools are encouraging their students who scored 91+% which is perfect scale. 95+% is definitely a very high cutoff and is discouraging the students and parents. This will certainly send a negative feel in the students as they will feel that they have not done anything good to be considered a good scholar.

We feel getting 91+ marks in the Board Examinations (happened after many years) is a very good effort by the students and they should be awarded same as the other students.  We therefore, request you to reconsider your decision and encourage a broader section of the students.