Return to all customers the money paid on the debit or credit card of Envion AG tokens

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In December, an ICO fund-raising meeting was held to develop a mining company with the release of EVN tokens.
At the gathering, there was an opportunity to buy tokens for bitcoins, ether and bank cards VISA / Mastercard.
14% of tokens were bought by bank cards.

More than 100 million US dollars were collected.
After the ICO, the company's behavior was strange and many immediately realized that the project did not develop and was on the verge of collapse, after the EVN token entered the exchange, the rate began to fall, and production was never launched.
Further, the company began to produce internal actions, which resulted in almost total depreciation of the tokens, the company and its reputation.
All actions are described in a variety of articles, for example in

Even today we do not have access to our tokens, we can not and could not sell them at adequate prices
We, our huge community of depositors with bank cards, consider Envion's actions as fraud and premeditated fraud of buyers.
The company's CEO claims that all of the depositors' funds are on the company's accounts, in which case there is no problem returning them, and tokens to destroy (access to which we will only have in July 2018, most likely there will then be no company with the name Envion)

Envion return our money!