Pre-Paid Visa Pricing

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For those of us who don't use our credit cards to buy stuff online, and use a pre-paid Visa or MasterCard instead, you will all know this annoyance. For those of you that don't, I'll explain it. Lets say you want to buy a product online that cost $45. So you go to the store and you look at the Visa rack and you see the $50 pre-paid Visas. If your new to buying online with pre-paid cards then you'll probably be thinking this is perfect. If you've done this before than you'll know that you can't get that $50 card, you'll have to get the $75 card. Here's why; When you buy that $50 Visa It'll cost you $50 + $6.50(tax) so $56.50. This is not the problem, as tax is normal for all products. The problem is that Visa needs to make a profit also. Now, there is nothing wrong with them wanting profit, why shouldn't they get profit for their services? The annoying part is how they go about doing it. Visa (and MasterCard) have this thing called an activation fee. This is money that is taken off of the card that you just purchased. Now lets go back the the Visa rack in the store. You want that $45 product and your about to buy that $50 Visa. Then you notice the activation fee. Visa would take $4.95 off of your card so that you will actually only have $45.05 to buy your product. Leaving you unable to pay for the tax on your $45 product and forcing you to buy the $75 Visa instead. (Which is only $69.50) I'm a gamer and I buy a lot of games online so I run into this problem a lot. What I propose is that instead of taking the activation fee off of the available funds on the card, they charge you the fee on top of the price of the card. For example when you buy that $50 card, the price would be $54.95 + $7.14(tax) leaving Visa with their profit and you with the full $50 to spend.

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