Visa: family reunion - Why delays up to 2 years at German Embassy in Islamabad

Visa: family reunion - Why delays up to 2 years at German Embassy in Islamabad

1. Juli 2022
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Gestartet von Javed Ghafoor

 Javed Ghafoor hat diese Petition gestartet
Dear Ms. Annalena Baerbock,

We hope you are doing well and having a wonderful summer. We would to get a meeting with you in person to address the ongoing issue with Family Reunion Visa delays in German Embassy, Islamabad. 

What is the problem?

1) German Consulate, Islamabad - Visa Processing Time on average 2.5 years. 
2) German Consulate Karachi - Visa Processing Time on 6 months.

There are approximately 124,000 Pakistanis living in Germany according to official estimates in 2019. Maybe there are less than 1000 to 2000 Pakistanis, those who wanted to invite their spouses to Germany. 

What is the proposal to Foreign Affairs:-

1) Processing for FRV should be a priority over Visit, Student, Work, and Job search visas. Family members have the basic human right and physical need to live together under one roof, and German Embassy Islamabad cannot take that right away from law-abiding tax paying expats and German citizens. Distance relationships are not a healthy behaviour to run a marriage successfully. On average, there are yearly 30 holidays, which are not enough to keep healthy married life.  
2) Processing time should not more than 6 months, if that is possible in Karachi? Why cannot it be possible in Islamabad? Is the visa section in Islamabad is less competent than Karachi?  

3) Why the processing of FRV cannot be done from Germany as at the end the FRV is going to happen in Germany. This will reduce the workload on Islamabad Embassy and FRV applicants will not suffer unnecessary delay's.

4) Is Pakistani FRV applicants are less value able in eyes of German Foreign Ministry comparing other Middle East and non EU countries as everywhere else visa processing time is around 12 weeks.  

Please listen to the voice of effected individuals in this Facebook group.

Family Reunion Union - Pakistan to Germany

We look forward to hearing from you, so we can work on this problem together and move forward towards solution. We are hoping our voice to be heard in foreign office and perhaps in human rights office. 

Your Sincerely

FRV Applicants 

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76 Unterschriften:Nächstes Ziel: 100
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