Make Virtual Regatta Fair. No Pay-to-win.

Make Virtual Regatta Fair. No Pay-to-win.

3 May 2020
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Why this petition matters

Virtual Regatta Inshore has been a lifesaver for mental health during this global pandemic, allowing people to still sail against their friends from the comfort of their own homes.

Unfortunately the game uses a pay-to-win strategy throughout the game which whilst it is highly lucrative for the developers, is frustrating and unfairly priced for us consumers. The in-game helps, such as Best VMG, use up to 3 tokens per game and at big competitions are considered a must to be in with a chance of winning. And whilst you can earn these green tokens, a typical user might struggle to earn more than 3 of these during a two hour stint playing the game.

Therefore paying for credits are the only option a normal user has if they want to be in shot of winning. Credits are very expensive and you then have to convert them into green tokens. If you do just 8 five minute races a day, a package which will last a week costs £11. Combined with VIP membership to host the races in the first place, you are approaching £50-60 a month. This is unsustainable for the normal user.

Recently many organisations, such as the RYA, have been able to buy all their staff VIP accounts. Whilst this is good for the game to allow more races to be held, these accounts also always get unlimited free helps such as Best VMG, Laylines, Wind Intelligence and more. A normal user would have to spend obscene amounts of money to compete on a level playing field.

Many of us think it is a great shame that the game has these pay for helps in the first place and would like to call for these changes to be made to the game:

  1. In custom races, race helps such as Best VMG etc are free for all users.
  2. In custom races the host can set which race helps can be allowed to be used, with everyone getting the same.
  3. The developers can instead monetise other areas of the game much more efficiently, without upsetting their user-base, for example by more prominently allowing customisation of boats.

By implementing the changes above we hope that we can make Virtual Regatta Inshore a better game for all by promoting fairer racing on a more level playing field.

We also believe these changes will also make the game much more attractive in the long run for users to keep playing once lockdown around the world draws to a close.

Please sign to show your support and hopefully we can make this game, and the racing, better and fairer for all.

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Signatures: 18Next Goal: 25
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