Marikina City Government: Building “Marikina City Orphanage”

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Many kids in Marikina City suffer from poverty wherein they do not have food to eat and they sleep in old wooden panels or on the side of the streets. This petition's purpose is to help build a orphanage in Marikina City that is open for all the children where they could sleep in comfy beds and eat a decent meal, give them a decent form of education, and quite possibly give them a new family. This will greatly impact my family and I, because every day most especially the holidays, we see that these children do not get to celebrate those special moments in everybody's life. It would be heart warming to have all the children have a decent home and possibly have a new family in the future. This will definitely impact the community, because they will get to give donations to all the children without leaving out some children and the couples who would like to adopt a child would be very much happy to do so.

Credits to the video shown above for being my inspiration. 

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