Get Virginia Tech worker a $15/hr minimum wage

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Virginia Tech currently pays an absurdly criminal, non-living minimum wage of $9.15/hr, with employees consequently living on food stamps and struggling to get by. It's time for the university to pay it's workers a living minimum wage of $15/hr. Meeting the $15/hr wage is not only a necessity for workers, but is already a concession of demands in that the current minimum wage with inflation should be much higher. Not supporting this wage is supporting poverty in our community and beyond. The workers of Virginia Tech make this entire university run and deserve the respect and dignity of receiving a higher wage for their labor. Please sign onto this petition in solidarity with the Young Democratic Socialists of America in fighting for a campus living wage. Let the Board of Visitors know loud and clear that it's their responsibility to enact our outlined plans (which will also be linked along the legislation once finished) for a living wage on our campus.

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