Stop Christmas Tree farms from destroying nature & health in Grayson County, VA!

Stop Christmas Tree farms from destroying nature & health in Grayson County, VA!

August 5, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Preserve Grayson

Grayson County: Protector of Nature

Preserve Grayson

We, the undersigned citizens and visitors of Grayson County, Virginia are requesting the Grayson Board of Supervisors, representatives of Grayson County, the state of Virginia, and all other governing bodies to investigate and address the business practices of the large scale Christmas tree industry as it affects Grayson County, VA.

To that end, we are requesting that the county:

  1. Declare a Moratorium on aerial chemical application and large-scale burning operations to clear acreage; and
  2. Schedule, advertise, and conduct a public hearing, during which citizen and expert testimony is solicited regarding the effects of the large scale Christmas Tree Industry on Grayson County citizens’ quality of life and the County’s tourism industry.


We are particularly concerned about the following:

  • Loss of personal freedom to go outside, loss of freedom to utilize our own land and water in a manner we choose ourselves;
  • Potential adverse health effects from chemical application, including accounts of cancer, tumors and increased respiratory illness among our citizens and wildlife;
  • Aerial Chemical application next to homes, wells, and waterways without oversight or notification or identification of chemicals;
  • Pesticide drift and runoff;
  • Deforestation, which has led to major erosion, extensive runoff into county roadways and county streams;
  • The destruction of thousands of acres of native species and wildlife habitat; 
  • Increased tax burden to Grayson County taxpayers resulting from investigations, enforcement, and remedial actions undertaken by Virginia state regulatory agencies;
  • Plastic debris left (and the burning of plastic); and
  • Overcrowded living conditions of migrant workers, contaminating public laundromats with pesticides, lack of proper protective gear or training. 
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Signatures: 3,152Next Goal: 5,000
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