Respond To Mishandled Veteran C&P / Benefit Claims when VA Systems Fail to Correct Issues.

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Many veterans, like myself, fight for Veteran Benefits--Compensation, Housing, Healthcare and other Federally funded programs for veterans. VA fails to offer clear and standardized procedures when seeking assistance to resolve problems with applying or receiving benefits. In my experience, and fellow veterans, VA eludes distributing essential information so veterans may take the necessary steps for rectifying issues/denials for Mission Act care, "Presumptive Illness" claims, "at risk" housing assistance, Appeal Withdrawals on unrated conditions or where/who to file a complaint with. My ex-husband and I are Desert Storm veterans, that fight VA for benefits. We discovered after deployment we were both plagued with multiple medical conditions that have negatively affected our livelihood and quality of life. We've been denied benefits, claims and other resources in the past despite retaining legal counsel and other assistance while providing the required documentation such as DBQs, Private Medical Records, FDCs and other supportive documentation. I was informed, I don't qualify for housing assistance because I'm not severely disabled, although "at risk", denied VocRehab Self-employment track (overqualified), Mission Act requests and the list continues. Utilizing VA's systems of patient advocacy, state Veteran Services and VA Secretary’s Office for unaddressed problems yielded more issues. I had another seizure due to the stress last night because problems only compounded the situation. I'm "at risk", unable to work, drowning in private student loan debt and financially struggling to become a small business owner, so as to not depend on the VA, is anyone listening? I and other veterans struggle to not give up, to keep moving forward because one day someone will give us an opportunity to fix it! Unfortunately, many veterans with these same issues sometimes surrender, give up or even worse try to take their own life. I know because I've been there. On the ground (locally), things are a lot different than what is portrayed for veterans and it's due to a significant disconnect of reality. No person should have to fight for what they worked for, even more so a veteran. Your support of this petition is valued.