Stop People Who Have Been Charged With Animal Cruelty From Operating a Pet Business

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We are shocked and horrified to learn that a “Woofy’s” puppy store is set to open in our community. Not only are the shop owners leveraging our good name “Woofie’s” to create business for themselves, these owners/operators have been charged with ANIMAL CRUELTY just within the past 6 months. Brothers, Ayman Koshok and Kareem Koshok, were charged with three counts of animal cruelty after a Humane Society undercover investigation found that animals were dying in their care and without access to proper veterinary treatment. 

We are calling on members of our community, pet lovers, and those concerned with animal welfare, to stop the opening of the Woofy’s store in the Chantilly Crossing Shopping Center in Chantilly, VA. Not only do we want to prevent this store from ever opening, we want to make sure the Koshok brothers and others like them can never be allowed to own and/or operate any pet-related business.

We hope that you will join us in advocating for these innocent animals and help stop “bad” pet stores from operation.