Pharmacists are HealthCARE providers

Pharmacists are HealthCARE providers

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Started by Stacy Shrewsbury

For nearly 2 full years we’ve been muddling through the Covid-19 pandemic. We’ve been through every emotion a profession can go through, and we’ve won and lost personal and professional battles.

As retail pharmacy’s we’ve worked with no PPE, a reduction in hours and a reduction in staff. We stood by our team and our patients as we’ve worked the front lines with the public for 2 years.

We counseled patients through fear, anger, and grief.

We’ve changed our pick up options to accommodate fear, worry and help protect our patients.

We’ve provided testing to hundreds of thousands of patients. So that they can protect themselves and others; or so that they may attempt to return to life as we knew it before the pandemic.

We’ve been asked to police providers who prescribe medications that may do more harm than good and we’ve been ridiculed by patients who are so terrified they are grasping for anything that may help.

We’ve administered hundreds of thousands of vaccines to patients who have been both desperate to receive them and resentful of a requirement.

We have done all of this while still providing all the same services our patients  expect including filling prescriptions and providing routine immunizations. While facing the same challenges the rest of Americans faced. While helping our children and educators through virtual learning; while caring for our children, parents, friends and family; while grieving the family we lost; While swallowing our own fear, anxiety, grief, stress, and pain.

We’ve shown up - we’ve done more with less - we’ve helped fight this pandemic by treating patients who were able to recover at home and providing more vaccines than any other practice group across the country.


We do more than put pills in bottles, we didn’t close our doors, we didn’t hide or run away. We stepped up, leaned in, and we’re still giving it all we’ve got.


So PLEASE be patient - this marathon we’re in  - it’s still going and the finish line keeps getting farther away.


If you believe that your pharmacist has provided a service that has maintained, enriched, or improved your health, please support your pharmacist by signing this petition.  The purpose is to assist us in achieving provider status. This would allow us to  provide and bill for essential services to better provide total patient care.

26 have signed. Let’s get to 50!