Make the local law authorities or the government shut down the site Fairfax Underground ( as it is used to slander, and ruin peoples lives.

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I need someone to hold the police and the creator of this site accountable for the continuing internet harassment violations, abuse and libel contents. I filed a criminal complaint and have to get into therapy I am diagnosed with PTSD and due to filing for divorce under cruelty in va as of 4/30/13 and being a victim of serious domestic violence I now have deal with various issues that have happened as a result of malice to me and to others on this site and it. We'd to be stopped. The police force will take a case number knowing a crime was committed yetnothing happens and the moderator won't even acknowledge the trauma this is causing me in my life. I am asking due to this site for me personally breaking civil and criminal laws the site be banned and removed and an apology be issued. My name, company and someone posing as me has offered me for sex and posted my actual phone number which I had to change. I am a single mother and my son dragged into this publicly too. This is cyber harassment, identity theft, internet harassment.

I wrote this this email to Cary Weidemann the founder;

re: I need content removed from your site police already involved 

This is the second time I have had an issue with your site. Last time I couldnt do anything however this time legally from a civil and criminal side I can.

First if you search my old number 5716062064 you will see a post that was asking people to call and harrass me.

Now, we move to this thread,827708,1464667,page=3

Criminally someone posted as me that was not me soliciting sexual favors and posted my actual phone number. I have been a victim of libel as I was called a felon and I am not. A mug shot for a charge that was dismissed was maliciously disseminated and on other threads it states I sell drugs and am a meth head and have never sold drugs or done meth in my life. My full name is ised I have received calls and texts and had people search me and come to my house. I had to delete my contact info of my companies website and have lost my source of income as a result of this.  Something needs to be done. My therapist too Sylvia haydash says this is the ultimate for of abuse. The police have launched an investigation and I need this illegal content removed. Being in live in PWC they were called yesterday to have it forwarded to to detective anyone who harassed me by this site that's like 7-9 of your post there. I included a card with the case number.



1. I am not a felon so defamation of character comes in there.
2. Photos with me in them not taken by these people were redistributed on this site without a model release. Not okay.
3. Photos taken by me which would mean I hold the copyright were used without my consent.
4. I am in 3 separate topics as a drug dealer, druggie or otherwise and have been clean over 3 years.
5. I have diagnosed PTSD and as my psychotherapist says this just re-traumatizes me so that won't look good for the emotional distress part.

Enclosed is a screen shot of all the threads with my name in them. I would like them taken down or action will need to be taken. It is out of my hand whether the police forwarded it the detective yet. I also have the recording when I called into the police. As well as the code sections that has legally been violated.

Thank you for your cooperation
Megan E. Toohey


Cary the moderator and creator responded that he didn't feel any law was broken and would provide ip addresses with subpeona only. 



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