Custody Of My Children

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My Name is Alicia Naylor

I have been fighting for a year to gain custody of my 2 year old and 3 year old girls.

For over 3 years I was the main caregiver to my children. I have a 6 year old who misses her sisters dearly. (She was from a previous relationship as a single parent whom I have full custody)

In June 2016 my ex was put on Probation for Domestic Abuse. Multipule Police Reports have been filed. I tried to have the state involved but the charges for a 2 year Protective Order was dismissed due too not having enough witnesses towards the abuse that I was put through mentally, emotionally and physically. 

The last court hearing my Lawyer was unable to attend court but knew I was a victim of Domestic Abuse in my Relationship with my children's father.

June 2016 I was awarded to get my children from Georgia. He violated 2 previous protective orders. After the most recent protective order was dismissed he was put on Probation for Domestic Abuse. 

During this time I was living with my Family who was helpful with my daughter while I tried to keep my children together.

I went to put in paperwork for his stalking at my job when I found out from his Probation officer "I missed court"? 

I could beleive my eyes why would my ex who's on Probation not get into trouble for violation of Probation??? 

After the Probation my ex went a filed for Full Custody with out my knowledge. 

Committed a felony by taking my summons from the State of Virginia and forwarding certified mail to where he is "living in Georgia." He was living in our home at this time and deliberately used the system and took full custody.

I knew nothing about the court hearing and he was awarded full custody. I had no fair fight or oppritunity. No one involved with the investigation notified me. 

I still have multipule documents proving I am a responsible parent.

Financially he has taken everything but I have Risen above with the help of family and friends to keep me on my feet.

I am very grateful, I don't believe my children should be in his care AT ALL!

Everyday I fear for their safety with his Anger. My ex is a convicted felon for multipule Burglary Charges. I have learned this lesson the hard way after being taken for granted and now my identity is screwed for loving someone.

I would love everyone's help with signing this petition.  Anyone who has witnessed his behavior or know the struggles I have gone through this year to remain strong!

Everyone knows I am a wonderful parent and don't deserve this pain because of wanting to break free from this type of emviorment for my family especially my oldest daughter!

I am fighting to keep others like myself strong to give them hope!

I want to be with my children I miss so much! They deserve a beautiful life without violence or a toxic emviorment.

Thank you for your help.

We all must do What We can to protect our children. Because Protecting those we love through these obstacles are going to protect our future! 

Love you all so much ♡