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The secession of "Southern Virginia"

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Virginia is comprised of two entirely different regions.  The liberal "North", comprised of the counties in the Washington Metropolitan Area (up to about Prince William County), and the conservative "South", which is comprised of essentially the rest of the state.  They both have their own unique geography, culture, and political beliefs.  Even though the vast majority of the state votes Republican (land and county wise) the lack of an electoral college essentially guarantees the population-heavy north the ability to dictate the leadership for the whole state.  Regardless, this isn't solely a pro-conservative movement, the north has their own reasons for wanting the state to divide.  "Northern" calls for succession trace all the way back to the 70's thanks to the work of "Mother Fairfax", Martha Pennino. The high amount of northern tax dollars being allocated to southern counties has been a rallying cry for years for "Northern" inhabitants(I know about this first hand since I live in the "North").  More so, the “threat” of a conservative uprising (such as the election of President Trump last year) is always only an election away. 


Now is the time to act.  This isn't a conservative vs liberal issue at its heart. This issue regards the right of individuals to have the liberty to consistently and unabatedly pursue their desired way of life.  Why should we continue to live election to election with the fear of whether our beliefs will be supported or completely reversed (which is what can happen in a “swing state”)?  Thankfully, Virginia has a special advantage as a “swing state”.  The extreme centrality of the two “cultures” in Virginia makes the goal of creating two separate states a relatively easily accomplishable goal.  It can be done without causing undue hardship on individuals to relocate or totally uproot their lives.  


Why not allow the state to go its separate ways so that those in the North can live a way of life they desire and those in the South can do likewise?  This is an easy solution to a growing and consistent problem.  The exact specifics of how the state would be divided is not that important yet (the heavy leftist focus in Richmond and Norfolk could call for the “North” to include not only the northern region but also the eastern corridor, and the “South” including the west, central, and southern regions), what’s important is to garner support (from both sides) for this mutually desirable goal for the people of Virginia.  Decentralization is the best route to freedom of association, permitting individuals the ability to live amongst similarly minded peoples without drastically changing their lives. 


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