Return War Horse Statue to its Place of Honor

Return War Horse Statue to its Place of Honor

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Anita Henderson
Anita Henderson signed this petition

"On September 17, 1997, the Virginia Historical Society unveiled The War Horse, a memorial to the 1.5 million horses and mules that died in the Civil War. Designed by Tessa Pullan of Rutland, England, and given by Paul Mellon, the statue stands in front of the historical society's building on the Boulevard in Richmond, Virginia".

Sadly, this is no longer true, as this spectacularly beautiful, bitter sweet, and well-lit horse has been moved to the parking lot as an after-thought.  He has been caught in the cross-fires of yet more human drama.  While it is good and  high time the nation is addressing the wounds of the Civil War and Racism: this horse, though a monument to civil war horses, is truly a monument to all the beasts of burden that die doing the human race's ugly work of war.  

He represents the sacrifices all animals make for humans in so many devastating ways and with so many dire consequences.

I am so moved by this statue, and like many, so saddened to drive by the museum on our newly anointed Arthur Ashe Boulevard (formerly Boulevard) and find him missing.  The first time I walked up to him and read his placard, I cried.

We implore the Virginia Museum of History and Culture to restore this gorgeous statue to its rightful place of honor.  Imagine, too, how stunning to lie eyes on the War Horse and his sacrifices, then drive by Rumors of War by Kehinde Wiley, that honors the sacrifices of the enslaved Africans.  

Thank you for taking the time to sign this,

Rebecca D'Angelo