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Mothering Rights; Sign Petition Against Judge That Takes Custody Away in Retaliation

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Note: “The universal guarantee of due process is in the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which provides "No person shall…be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law," and is applied to all states by the 14th Amendment”. A mother of a three year old child was a Virginia resident from 2015 to 2017. She is an American citizen and taxpayer and civil servant and graduate student and she was denied due process of the law and denied visitation rights with her son in direct violation of family law in the state of Virginia.

On March 1, 2017 Hon. Judge George Varoutsos of Arlington County, JDR Court in Arlington, Virginia ruled to have custodial rights removed from this mother in retaliation to her going to the press in December 2016 regarding the unethical treatment she and her son received from the JDR Arlington County Court and Judge Varoutsos. She reported that the Judge threatened her with jail time if she did not comply to send her child to Ghana West Africa for unsupervised visitation without proper vaccination or visa and one her own dime for most of the travel fees and vaccine fees. The judge demanded that the mother force the Ghana Embassy to give her a visa and that she make her two year old child at the time travel to Ghana without proper CDC guideline regulated suggested vaccines for the health of the child. The judge gave her two weeks to get vaccines that require 2-3months of administering. On March 1, 2017 at a Child Support Hearing in which Arlington Country Virginia and Child Support Enforcement were to hear why the father (A citizen of Ghana, West Africa working illegally in the United States for Stefan Simchowitz of Simcor LLC) had neglected to pay any child support since his presence in the United States. The father of the child refused to pay child support and was non-compliant with United States law and the mother and had only met his son for the first time after a child support hearing in July 2016.

Judge Varoutsos decided on March 1, 2017 to rule on custody instead of the child support and gave the reason for his ruling that the mother was a good mother but he was going to take away her child on the ground that she "misrepresented the court" and therefore her custody was to be taken away and the father was not to pay any child support at that time. Judge Varoutsos also ruled that the child was to be immediately relinquished of the custody of the mother and that the mother would only be allowed to see the child for two months in the summer until the child is 18 years old, the mother was not allowed to see her son on his third birthday, and that the child was to be sent to Ghana to live his life away from the mother and her family in the United States. The mother was also denied the ability to call or contact her child except for once a week for 30 minutes through Facebook Messenger using an account she set up and she was not allowed to be given the address for her son's new residence in Ghana or a phone number to contact him on as the father provided to the court false addresses in Ghana and blocked all phone communication with the mother in 2014. The judge also ignored these factors and reports of possible abuse during the father’s first unsupervised visit with the child in 2016 and the history of domestic violence on the part of the father during the mother’s pregnancy with the child.

In addition, Judge Varoutsos only required that the mother provide documentation of her residence, income, and education. But did not even require any of these documentations or ID from the father or confirmation on his residence in Ghana. Judge Varoutsos also did not follow immigration laws in the United States or Ghana and sent an American citizen 2 year old child at the time to Ghana without proper filings with the government of Ghana or the United States. Judge Varoutsos did not find the mother unfit but took her custody away. Judge Varoutsos did not consider the wellbeing of the child in Ghana as the father stated he had no education plan or health insurance for the child. The judge also was okay with the father admitting that he travels to different countries every three months and had no childcare set up for the child while traveling. The judge denied requests from the mother for mediation and co-parenting recommendations. The judge also denied visitation of the mother's family in the US. The judge would not let the mother submit any evidence in the hearing showing how the father neglected the child by his own free will before the child was born and sent threats to the mother after the child was born which lead to court proceedings in 2015.

This petition is to get Judge George Varoutsos taken off the bench and held responsible for violating this mother's rights and endangering a two year old (who is now three years old) child. Judge Varoutsos violated the rights of this mother in terms of due process of the law and did the same in regards to the child. Every child deserves to have a mother, especially if the mother is fit and able to care for the child. No child should be taken from their home and family because a judge feels embarrassed by a poor ruling or unethical practices being called to light on the judge's part. Please sign this petition to help bring this child home who has been gone from his home since March 2017, taken to three countries, held in a place with no water or electricity, and denied access to his mother and family.  Mothering rights and child rights are vital!


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