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Implement VA HB1672 by allowing stakeholders to start up pilot programs.

As of July 1, 2013, Virginia HB1672 can legally be enacted. This date has come and passed and the reason we don't have pilot programs up and running is because The Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS) is dragging their feet, requesting more money from the state to begin the two pilot programs. This program was designed to be self-supporting; no additional funding is necessary. While we wait for the DBHDS to implement these simple pilot programs, people will continue to die as a result of opiate overdose. 

What is a pilot program? The bill allows for two pilot programs, which are start up programs  in two seperate areas: Southwest VA where prescription drug abuse is rampant and in an urban area like Richmond, where street drugs are huge. Each pilot program gets a little nest egg from the government, which has already been allotted. The program will require participants (usually friends and family members of those with a known history of opiate abuse but anyone can participate) to take a short training course at a small fee (around $15) and in return be given a certificate that they take to the participating pharmacy, where they can purchase for $20 an opiate rescue kit which contains two nasal narcan atomizers, an instruction sheet, a rescue breathing mask, etc. The money to fund the program comes from the related fees and does not have to come from the government. More information on a very similar pilot program going on right now in North Carolina below. 

North Carolina's PROJECT LAZARUS: watch videos and learn more! 

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