Say NO to Ultra Music Festival on Virginia Key

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Miami Commission meets Thu. Nov 15, 9am Speak Up Miami

Let Miami Commissioners know that you care about Virginia Key, an island with no residents but loved by all. A key piece in Miami's resiliency Virginia Key cannot be mistreated by the impact of 60,000+ people attending a concert for 14-hours each day. Virginia Key must be protected from the impact of events too large for this sensitive island.  Protect Virginia Key for ALL of Miami not just high priced out of scale high impact events.

Call and Email Miami Commissioners at:

Commissioner Ken Russell, (Vice Chairman), District 2 (This is HIS district)
Phone: (305) 250-5333  

Commissioner Joe Carollo, District 3
Phone: (305) 250-5380 

Commissioner Manolo Reyes, District 4
(305) 250-5420 VOICE
(305) 858-5305 TTY
(305) 856-5230 FAX

Commissioner Keon Hardemon, (Chairman), District 5 and sponsor of Ultra's move
(305) 250-5390 VOICE
(305) 250-5399 FAX

Commissioner Wifredo (Willy) Gort, District 1
(305) 250-5430  VOICE
(305) 250-5456 FAX

Virginia Key Alliance
2 years ago