Reduce Kelly Dara's life sentence that she received in 1995 at the age of 17

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Kelly Anne Dara was just seventeen when she and her then boyfriend decided to run away from home in Virginia Beach to Florida in 1995. They intended to steal a car and leave home and they chose a boy that they both knew from High School that had one. She called the boy over to her home with the intent of stealing his car, but things rarely go as planned, and that young man died as a result of the confrontation between himself and Kelly's boyfriend. A day later, both would find themselves in custody in North Carolina.

For her part in the crime, Kelly Anne was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. Her first hope to get out of prison comes in 22 more years and even then, she may not be released.

While incarcerated, Kelly has attended college and she has taken advantage of numerous self-help programs. She has never lost hope for a brighter future despite her circumstances. She accepts that what she did was wrong and accepts responsibility for her part in the crime, but she has changed while in prison and has grown and matured since she was a girl of seventeen.

I never knew the seventeen year old Kelly Anne Dara, but I know the amazing woman that she is today. She is kind, considerate, hardworking, and an accomplished student. All that she asks for is forgiveness and a chance to prove that she has truly changed.

I believe in her and I ask you to sign this petition to encourage the Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, to grant Kelly Anne Dara clemency and reduce her sentence to a term that would allow her to see parole in the next couple of years and not decades from now when she will be 60 years-old and will have served 42 years in prison as an accessory.