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Addiction is a diease people with an addiction didnt plan on becoming addicted and just because they are addicts doesnt mean they are bad parents it doesnt mean that they abuse or neglect their children it just means they may need a little help to over come their diease would social service take a child from a parent with heart diease or cancer no then why should children of addicts that haven't been harm are neglected be removed from loving caring parents they shouldnt there needs to be more ways to help people with the diease addiction keep their kids because taking a child from a parent with an addiction only fuels the addiction and makes the diease more progressive my baby was taken at the hospital after birth 8/22/16 and i never brought her home i havent been allowed to be a mother and havent had the chance to bond with my 5 month old daughter i get 1 hour a week supervised visits at social service and thats all i ask for help getting off drugs while i was pregnate and because i admitted i had a problem and ask for help me and my child have both been punished for it and there is a chance ill never get my baby back i'm clean and sober and have been fighting for my child for 5 months because i was a loving parent and was worried about the affects of my drug use on my unborn child why should we be punished for getting help for a diease and why should other parents be punished for a diease they didnt ask for 

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