Petition for Pardon

Petition for Pardon

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Tamar Harris started this petition to Virginia Governor and

Petition for pardon Tamar Harris

Tamar Xavier Harris started this petition to Virginia's Governor

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Non Violent Crime:
Help free a young man serving time in a Maximum Security Prison for 6 plus years

In December of 2012 Tamar attempted to end his life bye shooting his self in the facial area with a gun just months before his 19th birthday. What led Tamar to attempt suicide was his Mental Health and unfortunately at this time no qualified mental health personnel took the time to try to get Tamar the help he needed. The anxiety along with his severe depression had Tamar wanting to end his life. Not long after his attempted suicide Tamar's mother Corlett Harris passed away in 2013. With so much going on all Tamar could think about was ending his life, and even his sister caught Tamar attempting to hang his self on numerous occasions. Tamar was referred to Richmond Behavioral Health in this same year, and quite frankly R.B.H. dropped the ball on Tamar. Tamar needed and deserved professional attention and treatment, but was sent home to figure it out by his self.
Prior to all of this Tamar was a normal young child who always attended school regularly and also participated in the community church activities. Before this mental breakdown Tamar had only minor misdemeanor infractions with law enforcement, and nothing of a violent nature. He was always a good kid trying to make his family proud, and a good student that graduated from Armstrong High School in 2012. Tamar was never giving a proper chance to rehabilitate from his attempted suicide, nor did he ever have a chance to grieve the loss of his mother. A normal adult would have a hard time dealing with everything Tamar was going through! Tamar was a young child with mental health issues, severe nerve damage, and being handicapped  was to much to deal with and he should have been provided assistance. Tamar has been incarcerated for he past 6 years and has not been given any kind of treatment to help him with mental health issues. All the D.O.C. of Virginia knows is punishment and discipline, and what they are supposed to be doing is rehabilitating and providing treatment.
Incarceration is not the answer for Tamar, but treatment is. With incarceration Tamar is abused by a systemic racist criminal justice system, but with the right treatment he can rehabilitate and recapture his mental awareness. For the past six years Tamar has taken all the steps towards rehabilitation and reform on his own. He has taken it upon his self to continue his education by attending classes. Tamar has completed Cognitive Restructuring Programs and awarded certificates for his excellent attendance and participation. He has certificates awarded for Anger Management along with Coping with Stress. He has become certified with vocational trades such as Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Also Custodial Maintenance along with Commercial and Institutional Home Cleaner Restoration Service. He has contineued to play an active role in the prison church activities as well, and Tamar has a great support team with his family at home who love him dearly.
Tamar makes no excuse for his crimes. He also holds no ill will towards anyone for his punishment. However Tamar has never belonged in a Maximum Security Prison, but instead should have been given the proper professional care for his mental health. He is not a violent man and never has been. The things Tamar has had to deal with and endure through these last 6 years has more than paid his debt to society. Tamar is 27 years old and has a family who loves him and needs him home. His grandmother Cora Harris along with his sister Shaniqua Harris have a place for him to live and together they have a home plan in place so Tamar can succeed. Tamar has meaningful employment waiting for him where he will utilize the trades and skills he has learned while incarcerated. He also will continue to bring awareness to mental health by working along side health care professionals. Let's get Tamar home and back to his family.

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By signing this petition, together let's make sure the governor of Virginia helps right the wrongs made by a flawed system. Between the mental health professionals that failed Tamar, and the criminal justice system that dropped the ball let's get Tamar Harris the awareness he deserves and get him released now.

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