Our "voiceless" Million Veteran/Veterans Administration marijuana positive testing blood

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     The Veterans Administration's Million Veteran Program is a health interview and blood sample research study.*

     I am a Vietnam War era and Persian Gulf War era veteran and commemorative partner of my individually awarded 2017 Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition.

     I want to complement the research study by presenting my own pro-marijuana positive drug testing to state legislators particularly before the 2018 Virginia General Assembly.

     My VA prescribed "chemical pills with side effects" medication has done little to placate my "surviving hell, escaping insanity" VA-rated 70% psychosis.

     Marijuana in its natural form and water-vaporized is therapeutic, however.  My described marijuana permeates thought processing with a sense of euphoria and empathy for a loved one beyond one's self.

     Incidentally, I get my Navy retirement pay but not also my military entitled and TRICARE provided though undesirable synthetic THC Dronambinol pills, not even from my federal jurisdictional VA health care provider because of state law.

John Paul "Pops" Turner                                                                                        CPO, U.S. Navy Retired                                                                                           , 2237 Hankey MT HWY                                                                                          Churchville, VA 24421-2814                                                                                    540-255-0744


      *I authorized on 12-17-17 the placement of my MVP marijuana positive blood sample to be the Veterans Administration Central Biorepository.  A Certificate of Confidentiality from the National Institute of Health protects medical confidentiality  of my blood sample from even a court subpoena.  Instantly, at the Veterans Administration, the University of Virginia Hospital and the Augusta Health hospital which are where I have a patient registration, for instances.                                         

     The 2018 Virginia General Assembly as well by my clicking "Forward" to it on the Internet at the Public Library replies I get.  An included item is that the County of Augusta destroyed the physical evidence I collected out in the field in support of my pro-marijuana true-claim confrontation which I had initially begun pursing in federal court.                                                                                                                             

      The Virginia Department of Forensic Science requires that I get a subpoena to try and find out their findings about it.  I admit that I have been unable to retrieve this information to even try to substantiate the pro-marijuana elements of my in-time petition for an absolute pardon to the Governor of Virginia much less the Virginia General Assembly.

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