Freeing an innocent father who is a victim of Miscarriage of justice

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On May 12, 2017 Wayne Mcallister was found guilty and sentenced to 8 years for crimes that he was falsely accused and convicted of. During memorial weekend May 21,2016 Wayne was falsely accuse of robbing a two time convicted felony Travis Warren and was charged with armed robbery. Upon our investigation we found that the alleged victim had two prior armed robbery charges, four months prior to the alleged robbery the alleged victim caught a armed robbery charge in January of 2016 and less then two months prior to wayne jury trial the alleged victim caught yet another armed robbery charge March of 2017. How ironic that the victim was never prosecuted of either armed robbery charge and also both of his charges were within a half mile radius were he supposedly got robbed at May 21, 2016.Just to remind everyone wayne was not a resident of Virginia, but he was down here on vacation visiting family and friends to celebrate Memorial Day weekend which ended up him being sentenced to 8 years, incarcerated for over 2 years and currently fighting for his freedom. Due to the untimely arrest Wayne and his family did not have the money to get proper legal representation.            

During trial ,Wayne had two witnesses that were never called to the stand. The alleged victim was very inconsistent with his testimony and we strongly believe that he was coached by the commonwealth attorney to force false accusations of a conviction on Wayne and our reasons to believe this is due to the following: 1) During the night of the alleged crime the alleged victim stated that he was robbed of five one hundred dollar bills which he also testified at his preliminary hearing, but after the commonwealth attorney found out the amount of money that was found on wayne, the alleged victim then changed his statement at trial stating that it was two one hundred dollar bills and a denomination of twenty dollars that was supposedly taking from him. 2) The alleged victim stated that the alleged robber had on a red jacket with golds in his mouth,but during the preliminary hearing he was certain that the alleged robber had on a black hoodie, during trial he also testified again that the hoodie was red .The night of the alleged crime Wayne was pulled over and asked to step out of the vehicle and there was no proper evidence to prove the description of the alleged robber. 3) During the 911 call the alleged victim told the dispatcher that he seen the alleged robber in the back seat of a black car with two females one Caucasian and the other African American in the front seat, but in trial the officer testified that when they pulled the vehicle over, wayne was pulled from the front passenger seat and two Caucasian females were pulled out as well one in the driver seat and the other in the back seat. Lastly the alleged victim testified at the preliminary hearing that he was 80 percent sure of the alleged robber and also he stated that there were six witnesses between both locations that supposedly witness  the robbery and the blood that was on his face and clothes. There were absolutely no witnesses to back up this claim as well no photographs or medical report of an injury occurring.

In conclusion we strongly feel that the evidence of the original statement from the victim and his verbal testimony in the preliminary hearing all the way up to his testimony at trial was very inconsistent and was coached to make his false allegations seem real. Can the people of the community and American please help me set the record straight in this situation please to send a message that you can’t make up allegations and get away with this. This could have easily been you or your love one prosecuted because of a compulsive liar. There are a lot of innocent men out in here in today’s society who are stereotype because of there background, past, and were they come from and to the legal system it doesn’t matter what’s going on they just want a conviction no matter the cost. So I’m asking everyone let’s get this to the governer who has the power to set an innocent man free and help others who are victims of miscarriage of justice in the legal