Justice For Charlee

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Charlee Marie Faith Ford, was born December 21 of 2015, she was born addicted to drugs, she also suffered brain damage & other other health problems. She was assessed as "Low risk," and sent home with her parents. How is a disabled, addicted baby low risk? What does a child have to do to be considered high risk?                There need to be laws changing the way this country handles addiction in pregnancy, these women need to be treated, not given custody! If they're babies are born addicted, the mother should be given the option of treatment or jailtime, and the child should be REMOVED, if this had happened in Lexington Virginia, if Rockbridge County Social services had no assessed her wrong, and then avoided the multiple calls of neglect, Charlee could be here today!

Since Charlee's death, I have tried contacting multiple lawyers about this, the story needs to be told, and the laws need to be changed!

These babies are innocent and they can't protect themselves! 

We need stricter laws involving maternal drug use and addicted babies.

I also feel the state of Virginia should look into their sovereign immunity, which protects government agencies and employees from being held accountable for any wrong doings, this is 2018, arent they accountable for their actions? Why did it take a child dying for this department to even be investigated?