Virginia Cultivars Petition to Gov. Youngkin to VETO SB591

Virginia Cultivars Petition to Gov. Youngkin to VETO SB591

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Faith Huntsinger started this petition

To:  Governor Glenn Youngkin

Virginia Cultivars, LLC, is representing Virginia owned Small Business Retailers, Farmers, Producers, and Consumers of hemp and hemp-based products.  We are asking you to VETO SB591.  The bill narrows the exceptions for hemp and the definition of "marijuana," sets arbitrary, ultra-restrictive, and illogical THC concentration limits per serving.  This would make Virginia the first state in the country to impose milligrams limits by statute, instead of through deliberative, science-focused rulemaking.

Please consider

o   Hemp is not marijuana.  Hemp derived CBD is neither "medical" nor "marijuana".  While both hemp and marijuana are members of the cannabis family, they are uniquely distinctive plants, much like lemons and oranges are both citrus fruits.

o   By scientific and legal Federal definition and laws, hemp is an agricultural commodity that does not contain more than 0.3% of THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive "high" effect.

o   SB591 will make Virginia laws more restrictive than the Federal Law.

o   90% of our CBD products will be illegal in Virginia if signed into law.

o   Restrictive regulatory requirements are an excessive burden, stifle the free market, enhance the black market, and deprive Virginia citizens of beneficial and necessary products.

o   Restricting hemp-derived products pose a risk of increasing the opioid epidemic and methamphetamine crisis in Virginia. It increases the risk of other health related issues such as diabetes from having to consume excessive amounts of sugar-based products to get an appropriate dosage.

o   Hemp and hemp derived products provide needed opportunity for hemp farmers and small businesses in Virginia that are struggling in today's difficult agricultural and retail economies.  The economic hardship this will bring to thousands of Virginia taxpayers and the loss of jobs across the state will be disheartening while forcing commerce to go elsewhere, taking millions in taxable revenue with it.

As a small business retailer and producer of CBD and hemp derived products, like many others, we have worked diligently to educate ourselves, employees, and customers while making sure to follow all guidelines set forth by VDACS.  

We do not disagree that regulations are necessary. We simply ask you to allow those of us who have worked to obtain and keep licensing, those of us who have worked to educate the public, and those who have devoted our lives to helping others through CBD and hemp derived products to work alongside lawmakers to set new standards. SB591 will take away Virginians' access to safe natural hemp derived products which are used to help cope with a plethora of issues. These products should be available from local sources they can trust, instead of driving commerce and revenue elsewhere.  These signatures are testimonials proving we are truly here to help.

In addition to loss of revenue from consumers, thousands of Virginia taxpayers will be without jobs and hundreds of businesses will be forced to close their doors. 

On behalf of Virginia Cultivars, LLC we ask that you please VETO SB591.


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