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Better Compensation for Virginia Beach School Bus Drivers

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I believe bus drivers are essential to our system.  We are the first school personnel the children see in the morning, and the last they see at night.  We carry a CDL license, and are subject to random drug testing.  We have to be careful about everything from how much sleep we get, to what medications we are able to take.  We are one of only a few positions who are responsible for the children’s physical safety, up to and including their lives.  We are probably the only personnel who are routinely alone with large groups of children. 

Some of our other area cities are giving their school bus drivers 6 or 6.5 hours a day.  In Virginia Beach it is only 5 hours a day for a standard contract.  In addition to our regular driving, we are fueling, cleaning, going to the garage, doing paperwork, reading and sending emails, dealing with phone calls, etc.  

Our unified pay scale, which all employees except teachers fall under, does not run by years of experience.  I believe this contributes to our large salary compression issues.  Someone who has been driving for 10 years should not be making just 62 cents an hour above starting salary.

We need to be able to attract and retain quality people.  Many of our current drivers are actively looking for other employment.  We carry an enormous amount of responsibility.  We deserve to make a living wage.

If you are a school bus driver, family or friend of a bus driver, please sign this to show your support.  If you are a parent whose child rides a school bus, we would appreciate your support.  If a school bus driver ever drove you to school on the "cheese wagon", your support is also welcome.  

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