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Reduce needless expenditure and raise the budget for the education system.

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Recently, the Virginia Beach School Board released a report about the worst-case scenario for the budget, and the drastic changes that would be made to reduce the deficit. The current budget crisis for Virginia Beach is due to irresponsible spending by the City Council. The City Council decided to take $41.4 million from the school system's savings in order to fund a new recreation facility and a new animal shelter. Because of this, the school system is in a "shortfall approaching $40 million."

While the education system seems important to Virginia Beach, it appears that the City Council members hold tourism as their number one priority. The fact of the matter is that tourism really only affects 3 months out of the year, while education effects all of them. Virginia Beach's "solid education system" is one of the primary reasons why the city has been listed as one of the top 10 cities to raise a family. By reducing the education budget and forcing the school system to make these drastic changes, the City Council will also be reducing the number of people who want to move here, and that will only cause even more problems.

The drastic changes in the VBCPS budget can be found here: - They include: changing the block scheduling with year-long courses to 4x4 scheduling with ALL semester courses, increasing class sizes, completely eliminating all academy transportation, eliminating middle school sports as well as junior varsity high school sports, and many, many more.

These problems arose because of irresponsible spending of the city's money by our city council. This petition was made to prevent major changes to the education system that will hinder academic success, as well as to stop the funding of unnecessary projects. Please sign it and spread the word.

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