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***Demand Virginia's "AFFLUENZA" Attorney Realtors be investigated for Terrorizing Farmer!

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 Attorney Realtor Couple CAUGHT Terrorizing Farmer in LAND GRAB SCHEME! YEARS of Well-Documented Multi-Year Reign Of "Fatal Attraction" Behavior By Virginia Attorney & Realtor. 

Documents uncovered through citizens, discovery and the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), and brought to light by an investigative journalist reveal a pattern of relentless harassment by Virginia Attorney & Realtor Attorney Patricia Thomas & her husband Philip Swing Thomas, a realtor. This couple, also known as the "Affluenza Couple" conspired to force a family farmer off the land, so that the Thomas couple could acquire it using their power and authority in their positions as attorney and realtor.

Over years, countless letters from Thomas were sent to the local sheriff’s department, Commonwealth’s attorneys, zoning administrators, Virginia Department of Transportation, and animal control wardens – all demanding that these taxpayer-funded officials take action against Boneta.

The Thomas couple even meddled with the farmer's mortgage in an attempt to force the bank to foreclose. When that failed, the couple tried to bully the bank in to selling the note on the farm to Thomas. The list of heinous acts is endless. A vile malicious and vicious long documented trail of greed and persecution of Martha Boneta, a family farmer. These actions cost the farmer hundreds of thousands of dollars. Just some of the documented evidence can be found here:

This is an assault against all Virginia Tax payers! SIGN THE PETITION and stop this couple from terrorizing other innocent Americans!

~~Keep Farmers Farmers and Stop ATTORNEYS & REALTORS from Abusing their POWER in TERRORIZING Land Grabs NOW!


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