KEEP OUR KIDS SAFE! Install metal detectors with armed security in Virginia Beach Schools!

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As we all know, school shootings are on the rise and have been increasing since the tragic Columbine HS massacre in 1999.

In the almost 18 years that have passed since that horrible day, not much has been done to PREVENT guns in the hands of murderers or any weapons from entering our schools where OUR CHILDREN spend the majority of their days.   

There IS a solution that has worked to eliminate would be mass murderers from ever entering the premises.

Our airports, courthouses, city and federal buildings, concert halls, and more, have had this preventative security for many years & it has worked to PREVENT these tragic events.

*1. METAL DETECTORS at designated entrances with highly armed police officers that are  highly trained in these type of situations, 4-6 officers per school EVERY DAY . (Yes, this may take a little more time in the mornings when students are arriving to school , but every morning I drop off my children, I see students waiting outside before they are allowed to enter at the designated time. I think we could spare a little more time to ensure our children are safe. Yes, it may cost us more tax money to have this security enforced , but I have talked with someone working on starting a non profit organization to fund this protection. I know my children are priceless to me & I’m willing to help pay the price for their safety. ) 

2. Utilize the check-in desk staff members to visually inspect a visitor at the designated entrance (by camera), prior to buzzing them into the school.

3. Keep all doors locked during school hours. No one enters unless they’re buzzed in through the designated entrance.

I believe these simple and proven measures will decrease, if not ELIMINATE, these horrible events from happening. 

I believe this is an URGENT matter that MUST be addressed NOW! 18 years and countless, precious lives snuffed out. It’s taken way too long for our trusted leaders to implement a safety tools to PREVENT mass shootings. 

If you agree, PLEASE SIGN AND FORWARD  this petition to parents, officials or anyone you know who cares about our children’s well-being and peace of mind . 

My 1st goal is to get 444 signatures in honor of my Father who passed away in 2016 . He was a Vietnam Veteran .

Thank you!

Sincerly Concerned Parent, 

Tracy Kane


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