Spice Girls: Box-set of unreleased/rarities songs!

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21 years have passed since the Spice Girls, one of the most famous global phenomenon in music, that introduced the iconic anthem "Girl Power!", valuing individuality and friendship and redifining pop music, stormed the world.

The biggest girl group ever, in terms of sales (almost 90 million records sold with just 3 studio albums and a bunch of singles) and popularity are still legends and have so many fans around the globe waiting for another reunion!

This band, with such a background, hasn't still in their catalogue a release of rarities, unreleased material or special re-edition of their studio albums with extra tracks, that almost every group on the planet has when it comes to celebrate 10/20 or 30 years since that release.

We plead, in lack of another reunion (promised for the 20th anniversary but never happened) for the release of a box set of rarities/unrelesead tracks or, simply ,a re-edition of the 3 studio albums and the Greatest Hits plus all the "extra songs" that we know exist (especially "W.O.M.A.N." and the unreleased tracks recorded in 2007).

Help us signing this petition, to convince the girls and the labels to give us fans what we're waiting (AND DESERVE) for YEARS AND YEARS.

... Thank you very much!

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