Spice Girls: Box-set of unreleased/rarities songs!

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22 years have passed since the Spice Girls, one of the most famous global phenomenon in music and valuing individuality and friendship and redifining pop music, stormed the world.

The biggest girl group ever, in terms of sales (almost 90 million records sold with just 3 studio albums, a Greatest Hits - still selling after 11 years - and a bunch of singles) and popularity are now regarded, rightfully, as legends and have so many fans around the globe and many other fans to come, younger or not!

The greatest girl band is music history has finally coming back with the new 'Spice World 2019 Tour', for the joy of loads and loads of core fans and other Spice lovers all around the world, but there's still something missing.

We're overwhelmed by the joy to have 'our girls' back together, but we're fans, we live for the music, and when it comes to this we need to ask, at least, to be heard.

The Spice Girls, with such a huge worldwide background, hasn't still in their catalogue a proper release of B-sides, rarities, unreleased material or special re-edition of their studio albums with extra tracks, that almost every group on the planet has when it comes to celebrate 10/20 or 30 years since that release. 

We plead, not pushing too much on new material 'cause we know that it has to come naturally (and we REALLY REALLY hope that it will come, especially with a new Tour coming next year...), at least for the release of a box set of rarities/unrelesead tracks or, maybe, a re-edition of the 3 studio albums and the Greatest Hits plus all the "extra songs" that we know exist (especially "W.O.M.A.N." and the unreleased tracks recorded in the 2007 sessions).

Help us signing this petition, to convince the girls and their record label to give us what we're waiting (AND DESERVE) for AGES.

... Thank you very much!