Give Sands Bethlehem Britney M&G Fans Their Money Back!

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Over 30 fans had a horrible M&G experience at Sands Bethlehem for the Piece of Me Tour on July 17.  Not only did they wait around for 45 minutes, but once they got to take a photo with Britney, it lasted 5 seconds and the lighting was dark. They knew something was wrong because staff were running around stressed. Instead of fessing up to the issue, staff took photos as normal and said they’d retake photos if needed. They only redid 4 photos but all the photos from the PA show  came out dark, blurry, poorly edited and with Britney looking nothing like Britney! 

That was just the tipping point for fans. Before even getting their photos TWO WEEKS after they should have (and after 3 other show dates that came AFTER had their photos), at least 15 fans reached out to VIP Nation AND Ticketmaster and were told to “calm down” and “wait” while the photos were edited. The “edited”photos are a JOKE and not worth the $2,000 each fan spent!! 

Below are first hand experiences from several fans....

”After the concert, I began incessantly checking the VIP Nation website where our photos would be posted. The three shows held prior to our concert were already posted, so I anticipated receiving my photo the next day. I checked the site literally, hundreds of times – nothing. Britney’s next show was on July 19 in Atlantic City. I noticed those phots were posted by the next day. All of the photos from the subsequent shows were posted within hours of the meet and greet. I began to worry that something was wrong with our pictures. The VIP Nation email included an email address and a phone number to call if there was a problem with the event, so I decided to do both. I emailed and never received an answer. I texted the number and received a reply that said, ‘Please stay patient photos are in the editing process. They will be uploaded ASAP within the 2 week time frame.’ It didn’t make sense to me why all the other shows had their photos posted immediately, except ours. I just had a feeling something was wrong. I texted the number again, but didn’t get another response.”

- Ashley 

“I have been crying all day and am so upset since it cost $2,000. My Vegas pic is great and the NYC one from 7/24 is much better quality. The one from PA (Britney) has black eyes and if you make it bigger all you see is grain. When I showed up at the NYC show I called the host aside and she said “honey calm down. Do NOTTTT text us again. Do NOOOOT email is again.”

- David Y

“After the concert, we went three days with no response or communication from VIP Nation. They finally responded and said they were being edited. And they wouldn’t say anything else. Two weeks later and this is what we got...Every other venue has beautiful, clear, high quality photos. Can you imagine paying $1200 for a photo and it come out like THIS??”

- Michael

“It wasn't a good VIP experience. Everything was very disorganised and rushed. 30 people paid $2200 and we were treated like cattle. They made us arrive at 515pm for a meet n greet that wasn't until 745pm. They forced us to have our picture taken by their photographer. The photographer clearly was not professional and had no idea what she was doing. She didn't even use flash on the camera. Then they checked the pictures and told us they were great. And all the pictures from that night are horrible.”

- David B




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