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Violence Against Women Must END.

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Stop Murder/Abuse of women/children in Italy,(USA)

My friend is alive at this time - she has survived two attempts on her life. The mother and daughter have been struggling to feed themselves, clothe themselves and are living with family. The mother has lost three job opportunities and the daughter missed attending her Freshman year at University, on scholarship in America. The father/husband is a prominent dental surgeon and pays BLACK MONEY to people of ill repute to endanger the lives of his daughter and wife, and has refused to pay for any medical expenses and for ALL basic living needs.

"Black Money" is cash paid by a person without receiving a receipt, and therefore, no taxes are ever paid because this money is not claimed as income. This is tax evasion and occurs from the most basic level of grocery shopping, all the way up to the highest levels of government.

The husband kicked the wife and daughter out of his house in 2003. He paid Black Money to attorneys, a Judge and a Colonel in the Carabinieri, to delay the denouncement and indictment against him in 2004; paid to criminals to attempt to kill the wife's; paid to prevent the wife from withdrawing her own monies from her own account in her name, for medical attention and cost of living expenses. Wife and daughter are living with family because they have paid over 100,000 Euros in the last 8 years for survival and defense against the Rich dentist, with zero results. Husband/Father, very recently, filed a divorce petition giving no notice, leaving the wife and daughter 45 days with no money, to pay the attorneys to defend and settle this matter. Wife has produced to the COURTS, tangible documented Evidence of the Corruption and Abuse of the Husband/Father. The Rich Men have and hold power over the government and the law. The women and children suffer and die. How many skeletons are necessary for Black Money to stop; for the defense of those who are without financial means; for women and children still alive to regain their financial and educational independance?

On 14 January 2012, in Scicli, Massimo La Land, 41 years old, strangled his wife Rosetta, in front of their 15 year old daughter, in his home in via Simento. On New year's Eve, it was discovered that Maximum had attempted an online affair through FB with Nina, writing "I have a new comic story of love and I hope it lasts for a lifetime because they are tired of having disappointment: I love Nina." He added: "Greetings my love love you so I'll see you at 00:20 in good years after joy." This man had also attempted to kill his own father Angelo, November 1, 1999, and served 3 years in prison. This did not stop him from killing his disappointing wife.

This is one story of literally hundreds, about women and children who are victims of an economic and political situation in Italy that CANNOT enforce laws to protect the innocent citizens, because of the corruption of the government, legal and banking sectors. The Polizia and Carabinieri who ARE honest and working diligently to uphold the law, have very low incomes, almost no money for petrol for their official vehicles, no office supplies, they are short on staffing and work extremely long hours, creating a potentially lethal development against the citizens. For how can the honest law enforcement protect the women and children when the upper level officials, the judges, the attorneys, the government itself - takes black money, and turns the other cheek. The names go on and on and on. The corruption is so widespread and integrated into the entire Italian culture and is deadly for the Country and her women and children, even the men.

Violence Against Women Act of 1994, US Congress

Proof that this is not isolated to just Italy even though that is my primary focus. I demand and hope you join me, that the United States Congress REAUTHORIZE the Violence Against Women Act of 1994, that was reauthorized 2 times with bipartison support in 2000 and 2005. It is UN ACCEPTABLE to Not Authorize this Act in 2012.​02/10/opinion/​republicans-retreat-on-domestic​-violence.html

Domestic assaults, non-Domestic assaults against Women and Children must STOP. Join us Please.

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