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Pourquoi cette pétition est importante

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Violas are more persecuted than ever. On each music meme page, there is at least one meme that mocks these instruments. It is outrageous that nobody denounces this. Every day, hundreds of violists are ridiculed, discriminated against, banished from the world of music. This is a serious problem.

Without violas, who would fill the gap between cellos and violins in the orchestra? Without violas, what would the poor Tenor Clef do? Without violas, would a string quartet become a quartet for 3 ? Overall, we cannot live without violas.

By ridiculing violists and their instrument, we are taking away their dignity. That is why, nowadays, we are facing a shortage of violists bigger than ever before. Viola sections in some orchestras are so small that the conductor has to replace them with Kazoo players. Tragic. Snifou.

Therefore, to preserve this beautiful endangered species - I am obviously talking about the Bigviolonus Musicibus Sniffus, commonly called Violist - I suggest that you sign this petition which :

(1) Gives Swiss nationality to all violas in order to protect them from any possible conflict (and because chocolate is yummy teehee);

(2) Will pay a sum of 1800€ per month to each violist to encourage them to continue;

(3) Will fund a program to include violists in society to create a real relationship between violists and other musicians

(4) Will give 2% of the revenues generated to the UNCAO (United Nations Committee Against Octobasses) in order to create a pleasant and non-hostile environment so that violas can flourish in their natural habitat without being eaten by dangerous predators.

Thank you for your time,


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Signatures : 77Prochain objectif : 100
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