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Stop caste-based reservation in education &start reservation based on economic conditions

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The Caste based reservation system in education has been heavily critised in the past few years, but it had been started with a very good objective of uplifting the socially backward society to give them equality of opportunities. But with time its meaning and the way it has been taken by the people has left many of us to believe that it has stopped delivering for what it was made. The untalented individuals from the special castes  are,more often than not, selected where as talented individuals from General are left out. Also the people from special castes have the same economic condition as the general people (except from small villages). So why these people get an unnecessary benifit when they are equal in economic position as compared to others?? Why are the poor Not given the benifit instead of the rich and capable special castes people???

But there is a solution to this. Reservation based on economic condition. This system of reservation also has the same objective which the caste based reservation system had- "To give the under-priveleged (poor) people a chance at equality in education.  

In this system, The people with poor economic condition get the reservation Whereas the rich/with good economic condition don't. In this way the under-priveleged get the benifit to have an equal chance at education. Also the untalented people get what they deserve and the talented (capable) people get what they deserve

I think because of the caste system of India we are left so much behind countries like America, China, Japan. So Lets make a change by Starting with the reservation system in education. Please sign this petition so that rightful individuals get what they deserve. Lets bring a change 

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