Don’t politicise our education.

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I am a student who just finished twelfth grade from Maharashtra HSC. I and many other students have worked very hard studying to get a good result. And with our merit we have gone forward to seek admission in degree college. After the first list was released me and many other students from the open category got admission into colleges solely based on our hard earned scores. Minority colleges gave 50 percent seats to minority students who barely scored 60% whereas the cut offs for open category was 90+% for the other 50 percent seats. So only the limited high scorers got in because the number of seats is less. Those who did get in secured their seats and the second list was set to come out today. At this point the state government decided to politicise our education system even further. The SC/ST/OBCs asked for special reservation for themselves in our already only 50% open category seats. So for the sake of vote bank politics the State Government moved to Supreme Court against the decision of the Bombay high court to appeal for giving reservation to backward classes. Apart from 50% reservation for minorities in minority institutes, the state is pleading to give reservation to SC/ST/OBCs too? And what about us open category students who have worked hard for months and months together to get a good result? Now the reserved categories will get easy walk in admission with a mere 50-60% result and occupy maximum seats. We from the open category will be left with barely any seats and the rat race will get tougher. The average scoring students will have nowhere to go! By depriving us hard working, dedicated, meritorious students of their well deserving seats you are not only playing with thousands of children’s futures but also depriving the country to be run by studious, hard working, meritorious students who are future doctors, lawyers, engineers, civil workers, citizens. You will be left with nobody but yourself to blame when patients die on operating tables and bridges collapse in a few years just because you diluted the criterion from merit to caste. We work very hard and earn these seats on merit. Don’t give away our seats for your votes. Do not harm many to help a few. 

P.S - I got admission in the first list itself in the college and course of my choice. This is not a rant by a stressed teenager who didn’t get in. It’s not about me, it’s about US.