Support students who remain nothing due to negligence of Golden Telangana Makers

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Like me a lot of students' careers were also spoiled and my state government has not been responding even they must have to.

This is only my story, even of my friends too. And a lot of students also have been suffering with this same problem. And I wrote everything to make this understand.

I am a native citizen of Telangana, and I studied till Intermediate in T.S. And I did my degree in A.P. And In my second year of B.Tech., the new state Telangana was divided from A.P. I completed my degree (2012-2016 batch) in 2016. I get the reimbursement from the state government to complete study. For the first two years (2012, 2013) the reimbursement was released without delay. But after that new states formed, I came under Telangana, new government. And it became like Im studying in another state, we were treated like another case. However my remaining two years reimbursement has to be paid by T.S. But it was not released yet, and I've been waiting for it for four years. And in my college, the management is asking money to give me back my certificates and my degree. And not only me became like this, my friends and a lot of students too. 

I don't know why T.S. govt. is not releasing our reimbursements but I've been listening them saying "I will make this state golden, put in top", and something like this. Spending crores for festivals, and a lot with name of development, but not looking at us anymore. I pray you sirs, "you wont make us feel proud by spoiling our careers. A curse from a tear, an obstacle for thrive, no peace."

 In D.R.D.A. office, the officers said that only students who studied in other states, are having this problem. And they've been saying that it's gonna be released, and I've been listening this for three years. 

I am so much poor, at rock bottom, and no own house. Dad only feed my family. I am only the hope of my parents. And as Im so poor, I wont pay myself to my college to get my certificates. And I wanted to study more, but I was locked by this government's negligence. Im failing to say that feeling what killing the hopes. Nothing I can do. Please you understand, this is my life, and I have goals, little hope. 

Please support me and whoever remain like me, to get out of this problem and make T.S. Government of us take care of students and their careers. Please Support me. I have myself is only my knowledge, and it is nothing outside without my certificates. So I request you all to support me please.

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