Help stop Racism and Homophobia in schools

Help stop Racism and Homophobia in schools

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Racism and trans/homophobia

Why this petition matters

Started by Lexi ..

We want to get as many signatures as possible to show our school and the board, so they can create a school rule about homophobia/transphobia and racism.

We know that this journey will be long and tough but we believe we can do it. The school I’m at doesn’t have any rules against being racist or homophobic/transphobic but we’re looking to change that. We want your help to do this and make it possible.

If this works we’re looking to move outside our school to reach other states and schools worldwide, to help make this a rule in all schools if possible.

There was this boy in my class who was homophobic/transphobic for 2 months straight until there were so many complaints about him he got suspended for a week. When he came back, he continued being homophobic/transphobic but not as much as before, until finally he stopped, realizing how stupid it was.

If we do this and succeed there will hopefully be a new rule about racism and homophobia/transphobia, but if we fail those same kids who continue to do this everyday will continue to be racist and homophobic/transphobic to those kids and will go unpunished for it, 

That’s why we need YOU yes YOU to help us by signing this petition to stop homophobia/transphobia and racism in my school and all schools, so please think about this.

Make sure you sign our petition and leave a comment to keep us going, share this with others to get them to sign to. We need your help, thank you for reading this and thank you for your time have a great day!

6 have signed. Let’s get to 10!