Postpone a vote on zoning change

Postpone a vote on zoning change

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Started by kim Smith

Some members of the Vineyard City Council have recently been telling citizens that the Clegg/Holdaway Farm Development proposal being presented by Cadence Homes should be accepted, despite its inherent differences with the published city plan, because the state might at some point in the future unilaterally take the parcel for even higher density than what is currently being proposed. The claim is that this is within the purview of the Affordable Housing Act. This may be true for some cities within the state, but it is NOT true for Vineyard. Senate Bill 164 with Chief Sponsor Jacob L. Anderegg (2021 session) clearly defines the items that cities need to offer in order to be to be in compliance. According to this bill and current city statistics, Vineyard is in FULL compliance. There is a housing crisis in our state, but Vineyard is doing our part to help. There is no need for the government to take over this parcel, or for our community to give in to the scare tactics of this logic. In our opinion, the state and Bill 164 are being used as a political "out". We feel the city owes it to the citizens to take the following steps:

  1. Gain a better understanding of the state's expectations relating to Bill 164. We should not make a decision based on the fear of some potential, and arguably unlikely, government imposition.
  2. Conduct further traffic studies on the proposal's impact on 400 South. 
  3. Have Alpine School District representatives thoroughly assess the impact this proposal will have on the local schools.
  4. Report back to the citizens.

We are asking for the council to vote NO on the proposal. At the very least, the council vote should be postponed to allow for the above steps to be taken. We ask for your cooperation in thoroughly investigating the claims you have made about the government's potential involvement on this parcel. 

235 have signed. Let’s get to 500!