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CSOs Have Got To Go!

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There are many types of water pollution that are harming our planet by contaminating the water. CSO’s are arguably the most harmful type of water pollution. CSO stands for Combined Sewage Overflow, which is when Combined Sewer Systems overflow with rainwater, sewage, and industrial wastewater. This normally happens on rainy days large amounts of water are going through the sewer systems, and the sewage treatment plants cannot treat all of this water at once. When this happens unfiltered, dirty water and raw sewage is released into our nearby bodies of water such as lakes, oceans and canals. This contaminates the water and harms underwater ecosystems.
The reason CSO’s affect us as people is because if the water is contaminated to the point where it would take a long time to sterilize it, there won't be enough clean water for us to use. This would harm all ecosystems, such as plant and animal ecosystems. If plants and animals die out, humans would eventually die out as well.

By signing this petition, you will help raise awareness for CSOs and help fight in the war for cleaner water and no CSO’s. We need to find a better way!

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