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Impeach Chris Christie

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      The time to finally take action is here. Chris Christie's reign of terror will cease, but only with our dedication to Democracy. Though he may deny it, Federal Prosecutors have now found evidence implicating Chris Christie of his knowledgeable participation in the Bridgegate scandal, including (but not limited to) his correspondence with three participating members involved in the controversy. For those who don't know, Chris Christie and his administration knowingly participated in the closing of a Fort Lee highway causing the worst gridlock since September 11th, 2001. While Christie claims the traffic buildup was part of a traffic study, the increasing evidence points towards a blatant power play against Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich as an act of intimidation. These allegations are disturbing to the order of our state, and represent part of the corrupt legacy lived by our current governor. The increasingly undemocratic influences of Chris Christie have been well known among New Jerseyans, showing by his 62% disapproval rating among New Jersey residents. 
     Today, Christie's Court Fees are costing taxpayers $10 million, a number which will only increase, but the verdict is in. Christie knew, he lied, and now he faces the fate of anyone who blatantly obstructs justice. These actions are all criminal, and like any criminal, Christie should be held accountable for his actions. That being said, the New Jersey state constitution specifies little, stating “the Governor and all other State officers, while in office and for two years thereafter, shall be liable to impeachment for misdemeanor committed during their respective continuance in office.” This means Christie is liable of the actions he participated in, but these are not the first of his illicit actions. 
      Christie's track record has never been positive, accumulating controversies for chauvinism, defamation, selfish spending of taxpayer dollars (Including $12.5 million for his private helicopter, $2 Million on ads from the Hurricane Sandy Relief fund, $300k on football boothes, $12,000 for public speaking fees such as new flags, lighting and other equipment), a failing pension system (New Jersey pension debt is currently $43.8 billion, as of 2016) and an even worse credit score (New Jersey credit rating has dropped nine times since he took office). Chris Christie's inaction within the state has cost the state millions, losing an $8 billion contract with Exxon, and failing to properly initiate his "Race to the Top" education campaign, costing New Jersey $400 million. Unfortunately, Christie endured these controversies. Bridgegate is different. 
     Bridgegate is the last straw. It is the scandal which can defeat Christie. It is our time to finally stand up to corruption and say "No more" to those who use their influence for malfeasance. With this petition, I hope that New Jersey politicians will listen to the people and finally remove Chris Christie from his position as Governor. 

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