Return Amaris to her family in Washington Indiana.

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Amaris wandered away from her home in Washington Indiana on June 1st.  Accompanied by her brother, they wandered into Knox County Indiana where her brother was shot and Amaris was picked up by the Sheriff and delivered to the Vincennes Animal Shelter in Vincennes Indiana.

Her family has spent the last 2 weeks searching for her in Daviess County Indiana only to discover that she was in the Vincennes Shelter on June 15th by which time she had allegedly already been adopted.

I posted a lost post on the Daviess County Online Yard Sale on Friday June 15th and was promptly given a reply by a young lady who shared the Vincennes Animal Shelter's post about my dog's incarceration. I searched through the post to find someone stating that she was up for adoption the previous Thursday which is the 7th. I contacted the young lady who had made that post and inquired if she was still there. I was told that she was in fact still there and to come in the next morning.

Forward to Saturday morning June 16th, I loaded up my truck with her paperwork, the receipt for her spay, her certification, and a dozen photos of her, then headed to the Vincennes Animal Shelter. Upon arriving at the Vincennes Animal Shelter I was told by the office personnel that she was in fact still there. I was told that she'd been initially skittish since they'd picked her up and was allowed to see her. They brought her out and the moment she rounded the corner to see me it was all excitement. She jumped on me, rolled around on the ground asking for belly rubs, and was so excited she peed herself all over the floor.

Unfortunately I was also told that regardless of what the "volunteer" had told me the night before, regardless that I could prove ownership, and regardless that they could tell that I was the owner, they couldn't give her back to me because they had already taken their $110 to sell her to a new owner.

She was right there in front of me and I got to touch her, but $110 was the stopper that they wouldn't refund to someone else to send her home.

At this point I have spoken to the Vincennes City Mayor who informed me that the shelter was simply following a city ordinance which says that a dog is the property of the city after 5 days regardless if the owner finds him / her after that or not. He also informed me that the shelter has been in contact with the new owners who are refusing to return her to her family. I've informed him that regardless of their claim I will not be backing down and will take this to a civil level suit level and to the press if need be.

I have also been contacted at this point by the S.A.F.E. Animal Rescue in Linton who are preparing a joint letter signed by the S.A.F.E. Animal Rescue, the North Knox Animal Shelter, and the CARE Canine Rescue on my behalf condemning the actions of the Vincennes Animal Shelter and demanding the Vincennes Animal Shelter contact the new owner and return Amaris immediately.

5 days is just not long enough for someone to find their pet in another city when they expect to see her picked up by their own local shelter which they'd contacted numerous times.  Amaris has a home, toys, children to play with, and a grieving family that misses her very much.  I have posted a $300 reward for her safe return home but to no avail so it is time to start mobilizing and let the City of Vincennes know that I do not intend to back down on this issue.  If showing the City of Vincennes that people like me and you will not let them steal our pets and sell them for a profit in front of us is not enough, the next step will be a GoFundMe and a civil suit.

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