VINCE stop using REAL FUR!

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Thank you for standing up for animals!

Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition to ask the clothing company VINCE to stop using real fur. We've got over 78,000 signatures and counting! The numbers started spiking a few days ago and yesterday I went to VINCE's website to search for fur and it seems for now the fur products have vanished from their website. When you search "fur" only one result comes up for something called "Shearling and Fur" but the link appears to be broken. I can't be sure if the absence of these items is a result of the petition or if it's just because the winter fashion season is over, but I am hopeful. I have reached out to VINCE's Director of PR and am seeking contact information for the others to whom the petition is addressed. I am awaiting an official response from the company. I will update you once I receive one. Thank you again for standing up for animals.

Rebecca Schiffman
6 years ago