Fund Richmond Borough schools fairly.

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As one headteacher in Richmond Borough has said, if we do not invest in our childrens' education we are "going to hell in a handcart". Richmond Borough has many excellent schools but they are facing unprecedented funding challenges.

Put simply, funding levels are not keeping pace with significant additional cost burdens including pension contributions and salary increases that local schools have no option but to pay for. Schools are relying on parental contributions to stay afloat financially which is an unacceptable situation. 

This petition calls on our two local MPs to demand that the government funds our schools fairly.  

We, the undersigned, petition the council to do the following:

1. Push the government to invest more in the schools' budget, levelling up those schools with lower budgets, rather than taking money from one set of schools to give to another.

2. Push the government to protect per-pupil funding in real terms for the life of this parliament.

3. Properly fund the support provided to children with Special Educational Needs, and ensure any overspend by Achieving for Children in this area does not lead to budget reductions for our local schools.

4. Ensure that schools with specific or unusual circumstances (such as operating across multiple sites, or under PFI arrangements, or with a sudden reduction in a revenue stream) are properly funded so that the individual school’s education budget is not put in jeopardy.