Save Varney Playground!

Save Varney Playground!

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Vinal Square Action Committee

Why this petition matters

Varney Playground as it stands is amazing! We love that it was built with sustainable equipment, is multi-use, and has a unique, creative design that allows for lots of options for open play.

While we appreciate the effort the committee has put in over the last year and a half to update the equipment, there was not adequate community input for this process, if there was any at all.

As of the writing of this petition, three Chelmsford parenting groups have been polled to see if anyone knew about the plans for Varney.  Out of the 80+ people who responded, only ONE person was aware that there were plans to replace the current equipment.

Of the other ~79 people who responded, the consensus is clear: the new proposal is unacceptable.  It doesn't provide options for creative or exploratory play, is made out of unsustainable plastics, will not appeal to older kids, has a lower capacity, and has completely lost the unique character of Varney that we have all come to know and love.

We understand that Town Meeting voted to approve funding for this design.  However Town Meeting was not shown the new design.  And even though a contract has been signed, we believe these plans are so lacking that they should be halted immediately.  We would rather lose face with the playground company than lose Varney Playground.

There are several paths forward.  But whether we raise more money, hold off demolition until prices come down, come up with a new design, or simply fix the current equipment, there is only one unacceptable path forward: letting Varney Playground be turned into a sterile, plastic, boring downgrade that does nothing but remind us of what we have lost.

431 have signed. Let’s get to 500!