SAVE THE SOURCE A School Based Youth Services Program at Red Bank Regional High School

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Effective September 30, 2020, the New Jersey Department of Children and Families, Division of Family and Community Partnerships, will be cutting all funding to the Red Bank Regional High School, School Based Youth Services Program, The SOURCE.  Since 2000, The Source has been funded through a State grant in the estimated amount of $277,000, matched with funding from Red Bank Regional High School, and ancillary financial support from The Source Foundation.  Without State funding, The SOURCE and all of its free programming and services will simply NO LONGER EXIST.  Please sign the petition to help SAVE THE SOURCE!

At a time when youth are struggling with mental health issues at alarming rates, this cut to our  school based program The SOURCE will have devastating consequences to all of the students who attend Red Bank Regional High school.  SOURCE services range on a daily basis from providing free mental health counseling, including telehealth, crisis interventions services, basic needs fulfillment and overall wellness, both physical and social emotional, as well as parent/community education. We assist students and families who are experiencing food insecurity by hosting a pantry accessible to students in the school. 

The Source and The Source Foundation have met the needs of the Red Bank Regional High School community by working with community partners during the pandemic.  The Source Foundation has raised over $40,000 to help families in need of rental assistance and other CoVid related services, including covering expenses for funeral services.  

The organization continues to have an active role in decreasing the digital divide.  This past Spring in partnership with Red Bank Regional High School, the Source worked to ensure all students had internet access and chromebooks.  It has plans to continue this work by offering it’s virtual community tutoring program this fall. 

The SOURCE is committed to supporting the mental health, well-being, and educational success of all students. We build public and private partnerships to ensure quality services that are effective, culturally appropriate and responsive to the diverse, changing needs of students and their communities.

We fulfill our mission through best practices in comprehensive counseling services, prevention programming, advocacy, academic support, employment services, family engagement, basic need fulfillment, free public education/forums and collaboration with community partners. All Source programs are free.

Please sign this petition to show your support for School Based Youth Services Program and to Save The Source at Red Bank Regional High School.