We do not want Letty to be a stepmother.

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When we struggled to bring Letty back in 2009 after being brutally murdered trying to free her husband Dominic Toretto from prison, it was not to be humiliated and even to become a stepmother, was to be happy with her husband and respected Dom. In addition to the #DomCanNotBeTheFather and #LettyDeservesBetter campaigns being a cultural and social movement, calling for more realism, is a way to show love for our queen Michelle Rodriguez (Letty Ortiz Toretto), who has always fought for woman's place in action movies. She is everything we have now, but also the strong image of woman in the franchise, so she is important to us, understand, without her Fast and Furious would not make sense, the film would be composed of men who lavish their virility, this is ridiculous . Michelle HAS BEEN IN FRANK since 2001, DO NOT FORGET THEM !! SHE IS NOT AN INEXPERIENT. We do not understand why so many scenes of "Letty" are excluded, and it's not something we should say "pity" or "what a pity", nor do we understand how it is possible that Mia's son appears to be four years old at the end of the seventh Film, and Elena's son, baby Marcus, is not one year old, and Dom and Elena became involved in the sixth film in 2013, and the chronology from F6 to F7 showed that more than 3 years had passed. Don and Elena's relationship was totally unnecessary and without final logic. Letty was "dead", yes, but she was out of memory because of a result of the choice Dominic Toretto had made, abandoning her in the Dominican Republic, shortly after marrying her, that's too much. Someone like her deserves respect, Vin !! Someone as important as she deserves a lot more respect, you know that. Letty is suffering since Fast and Furious 4 because of her husband Dominic Toretto ... almost died, lost memory, was super humiliated by him in Fast and Furious 8 and to complete stepmother of the son of man she is from the first movie. A man she's always been faithful to. Fans of the couple Dom and Letty demand respect. We do not want Letty to be a stepmother, which is a lack of respect for fans who have always admired the couple and fought for Letty in the franchise. This is totally unnecessary and disrespectful. We want you to change the child's father in Fast and Furious 9.